Q? Where can I read your Terms of Service?

Click here to read our terms of service.

Q? Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password you can try to recover it by clicking here, or by emailing support@panzermedia.com.

Q? Minimum payment threshold

Account balances less than $50 dollars will not be paid out. If you have accumulated $50 dollars over an extended period of time please contact support@panzermedia.com to have your payment released.

Q? How does the weekly payment frequency work?

The weekly payment frequency pays four consecutive times each month. A full week is considered Monday to Sunday and will be paid
out the following Thursday.

All publishers are paid on a weekly schedule.

Q? What payment options are available?

Paypal – Free
International Wire – Fee $35.00

Q? What’s CPA?

CPA (Cost-per-action) is essentially low-risk marketing, meaning you only pay when a lead or sale is generated. Unlike traditional marketing where you pay for an advertisement up front, advertisers only pay when they get positive results.

Q? Does Panzer Media accept international affiliates?

Yes, we accept all countries.

Q? I just submitted my application

You will hear from us within 48 hours of your application being submitted.

Q? Whats Panzer Media’s role?

Panzer Media brings Affiliates and Advertisers together via our proprietary tracking platform. Advertisers post ads on the network in hopes of sparking an affiliates interest. The affiliate will then promote the chosen ad to their target audience in hopes of generating leads for the advertiser!

Q? How can I advertise with Panzer Media?

If you are an advertiser looking to broaden your advertising scope please send us an email here: support@panzermedia.com