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There’s an old saying: “One person alone can easily be defeated, but two people are able to conquer all foes.”

This is also true when it comes to online advertising networks. When you tap into the infrastructure of a dynamic, growing CPA network like Panzer Media, your own network performance will reap all the benefits!

Panzer Media has charted a path to online advertising success—and we want to share that journey with you! Take advantage of our established CPA network by integrating it with your own.

Partner with us to experience:

  • Extensive Offers – Over 700 high-conversion offers give you an incredible range of money-making campaigns to choose from.
  • High Performance – Be prepared to see amazing results when you connect with our top-quality advertisers and optimized campaigns.
  • Incredible Support – Our staff of support experts are available 24/7, ready to resolve any issue you have as quickly as possible.
  • Fast Payouts – We reward your hard work and dedication to success with weekly payouts, available through Wire (US and international) and Paypal.


Join Panzer Media to begin conquering your advertising competitors!